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FAQ: What if I lose my keys or face some kind of auto or home emergency? Will your locksmiths be available to help me?

A: There’s never an hour in the day nor a day in the year that our dedicated team of professional locksmiths won’t be on the job, waiting to assist any customer in any emergency. The 24/7 service that our technicians provide means that your safety and security will always be guaranteed, no matter what might be the hour of the day. Our locksmiths assure you that they will always be by your side when they’re needed, even if you haven’t reserved an appointment.

FAQ: What are your rates for your services?

A: Considering the vast amount of locksmithing solutions that our experts provide, there is no flat rate for ourPict High Security FAQ services. The conditions of assistance also determine the final assessment. Our locksmiths will be glad to answer your questions and inform you of every detail that is included in the package. You won’t ever have to worry of sneaky fees or other tricks. Our locksmiths guarantee complete transparency, and offer reasonable flexibility when it comes to payment.

FAQ: What if I’m not satisfied with the work the locksmiths performed?

A: Our entire collective of employees guarantees complete satisfaction for every service offered. If you find any reason for complaint our locksmiths will be swift in clarification and repair. We will re-reimburse you for any damages or loss of time or any other reasonable form of compensation. We are committed to your satisfaction; rarely have we had to handle such a case of an unhappy customer, but we do want you to know that you are guarded and trusted should such an incident ever occur.

Call us now: (877) 585-5397 or 646-274-3666

FAQ: How long usually it takes to your locksmiths to do the job ?

A: Considering the large scope of services that our professionals provide for every customer—all kinds of lock repairs, lock installs, lock rekeys, etc. for automotive, business, and residential settings—it’s implicit that the length of labor varies from service to service, as well as the number of solutions you need from our professionals. Before our technicians ever begin their task of providing you with any particular lock-and-key service, inquire about the typical length of time such a service takes. Our locksmith experts will be more than glad to give you an estimation of the average amount of time their services generally require. We guarantee that anything our locksmiths can accomplish will always be delivered in a reasonable and fair amount of time. We never want to inconvenience a customer.

FAQ: Are your locksmiths available after sundown?

A: No matter what hour of the day and no matter what day of the week our locksmith professionals are always well-prepared to handle anything for any customer. Our experts guarantee 24/7 service—that means quality locksmith solutions whenever you need it. You can depend on our locksmiths at any moment in time.

FAQ: Do I need to schedule an appointment with you guys, ahead of time?

A: There is no need to call up our locksmiths days in advance to schedule a specific hour. While that is certainly appreciated—it allows our locksmiths to service you even more efficiently—our experts are more than capable of handling emergency services. Given the nature of  the locksmith business, our professionals definitely face a number of emergency calls every day they’re on the job. We gladly welcome your patronage in any manner we receive it.

Q: Do you make a replacement car keys for in SoHo area in Manhattan?

A: Absolutely! Our mobile locksmiths can come and make you a replacement key for your car on site in SoHo Manhattan and surrounding areas.

Q: what is your time of operations in SoHo Manhattan?

A: We offer 24 HR locksmith and emergency services SoHo area. Our response time is usually within 20-30 minutes, depends on availability and location.

Q: Is there an additional charge for you to come if I am locked out of my apartment on Saturday?

A: Our service call fee is $15. All day, any day. We do not charge extra for weekends or holidays.

Q: I lost my car keys next to Brooke Alexander Gallery on Wooster St. 10012 in SoHo. Can you come and make me a replacement car key? I have a 2004 dodge charger.

A: Sure. Give us a call any time and one of our locksmith will be able to come, cut and program you the key on site.

Q: Do you guys accept CC payments for your locksmiths’ services or only cash?

A: We accept all major CC, as well as business checks and cash. Whatever is convenient for you.

Q: I own a business on W Broadway & Prince St. I had to let go of one of my employees. Can you tell me if you rekey mortise locks for businesses in SoHo or only lockout services?

A: We can rekey replace or install most locks, including high security locks. Our locksmith carries variety of locks in their vans and they have all the necessary equipment to rekey most type of locks.

Call us now: (877) 585-5397 or 646-274-3666

Q: I lost my keys to my 2000 Buick LeSabre and didn’t know if you made replacement car keys. If you do how can I go about getting one? I’m at the Hampton Inn on watts St. in SoHo Manhattan NYC. Can you come here or do I need to bring the car to you?

A: We can certainly come and make you a new key for your Buick. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment and we can send a technician out right away.

Q: I have a 2008 Dodge Caravan. I took it to a shop because it’s not starting and they told me I had to have a locksmith program the key. Is that something you do? If so, what hours are you open? I am located in SoHo Manhattan.

A: Yes, we can make a replacement car key and program it for you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: My home was just recently broken into and I would like to have all of the locks changed. I live on Broome St in 10013, SoHo Manhattan. Do you come to my area? Do you have really secure locks?

A: I’m sorry to hear that. The good news is we do service your area, we will have a variety of high security locks for you to choose from so that shouldn’t be a problem. Just give us a call and we will send a locksmith to you in no time.

Q: If I was ever locked out of my house in SoHo NY would I be able to call you? What forms of payment do you take?

A: Yes, if that happens give us a call asap! We are a 24/7 locksmith service and we do go out to SoHo, New York.

Q: I need my ignition replaced for a 99 Ford Taurus. Do you replace ignitions and come to W Broadway, NY 10012, SoHo Manhattan?

A: Yes we can replace that ignition for you and come out to SoHo 10012. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment!

Q: I own a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my key won’t turn in the ignition. Do you know why that happens? What can be done? I am located in SoHo, right on W Broadway.

A: We can certainly come and repair the ignition for you. But, there may be a few reasons why the key won’t turn in the ignition. We will have to come and check out the problem. We will either make you a new replacement car key or replace the ignition.

Q: My key broke in the ignition; can you help or should I tow the car to the shop? I am located in SoHo NY and I own a 2001 Ford Focus.

A: No need to tow the car to the shop. We can come and extract the broken car key for you and also make you a replacement car key on site. We will have you back on the road in no time.

Q: Do you make replacement car keys for older Dodge trucks? I own a 91 Dodge truck. My car is at the SoHo Grand Hotel in SoHo NY. Thank you.

A: Yes, we can make you a replacement car key for your truck right at your location. It also depends on the model of the Dodge truck, we can either make a new replacement key or sometimes we may need to change the ignition.